Awesome Freebie: TiddlyWiki

For ages I’ve had a collection of information spread all over the place- paper notebooks, Notes.txt files, MS OneNote journals, emails between work and home accounts… useful stuff was everywhere.

About 9 months ago, I was recommended the fantastic (and completely free) TiddlyWiki.

TiddlyWiki is not a complete, feature rich wiki that you are going to host your teams project documents on but it is a fast, competant way to store your personal text notes.

It is downloaded as a single HTML file which contains all of the CSS & JavaScript it needs to store, tag and search any text content you throw at it. This means it does not need installation and it’s easy to sync accross multiple machines. Occastionally I’ve missed being able to store some pictures or doodles in it as I could with OneNote (though you can stick the URI of an image and have TiddlyWiki render it ) but the advantages of not having to install OneNote or wait for it to launch is worth it to me.


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